#1 Tax issue for spouses of the self employed.

Do you trust your partner with your taxes?  Don’t !

The IRS Innocent Spouse may help you. Look at some of the warning signs.

  • Do you know for sure if your spouse has a tax debt problem?
  • If you asked would they tell you?
  • Were you allowed to see the tax return?
  • Did you sign the return?
  • Do you file Married Filing Joint?
  • Is your spouse self employed?

These are only a few of the warning signs.

Spouses, mostly women, almost never see it coming until a major event happens like death, divorce, separation or the spouses business trouble. That is TAX DEBT.

Did you file Married Filing Jointly?

Guess what, if you filed Married Filing Jointly you are equally responsible for the entire debt, 100%. Innocent Spouse Relief is a program offered by the IRS that addresses spouses who were blindsided by their spouses TAX DEBT. The IRS will evaluate the innocent spouses request via an application and the process can take about four to six months for approval, If you qualify.

Innocent Spouse

The Innocent Spouse Relief application involves financial data and some fairly personal question as well as questions about your involvement in preparing the returns in question.

If its possible that your spouse has a tax debt problem or maybe hasn’t filed for years and you don’t want to be a part of the problem then maybe the Innocent Spouse Request is for you.

The best defense against a spousal tax debt is a IRS compliance check. This can be done free by calling the IRS’s main number or through a representative like an Enrolled Agent.


Do you think that there is any chance that the compliance check will reveal any debt or returns not filed? During this phone call they will attempt to collect the debt that you may not know anything about. If this is possible then you really need to protect yourself by hiring a Tax Resolution Specialist. Someone who can represent you and hopefully get you out of trouble.

If you and your spouse’s relationship is contentious then ask the representative to only represent you and not the both of you. If the marriage is not or might not be solid then one representative for both of you could be a conflict of interest. As representatives we are not suppose to represent both parties who may have a conflict.

The Innocent Spouse Relief Request is a very useful tool that the IRS provides. Approval is not automatic and it could have some negative consequences. I recommend that you have a consultation with a Tax Resolution Specialist before you do anything to see if this IRS program is right for you.

Innocent Spouse Relief is not the same as Injured Spouse Relief. Part of Innocent Spouse Relief is about the equitable liability of a tax. An example of Injured Spouse is one spouses refund being used to offset the other spouses debt.

For more information about Innocent Spouse Relief or for any other Tax Resolution Services information please contact John E Jones, EA at johnejonesea@gmail.com or call 702-468-1715. Thank You

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John E. Jones, EA is an Enrolled Agent enrolled by the US Department of Treasury and has been granted the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS. John's specialty is general tax debt resolution and more specifically representing extreme hardship cases and seniors with compliance and resolution.
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