Call Optima Tax Relief for the Fresh Start Initiative, says Mark Levin.

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Optima Tax Relief is one of the Nations largest Tax Resolution Companies. Mark Levin is one of the biggest radio talk shows in America. It makes sense to call them, or does it?.

Why? We all have the same rules.

Mark say’s that Optima Tax Relief is the best, maybe. But what does it take to be the best at Tax Resolution and specifically the Fresh Start Initiative. As far a Tax Resolution goes the IRS has very specific rules and laws that govern Tax Resolution Pros. We all have the same forms to fill out. The phone numbers we call are the same. None of us have a friend at the IRS that we can call.What’s different that makes one better than the rest?

Optima Tax Relief has many Enrolled Agents. All Enrolled Agents have the same rules to follow. Many Enrolled Agents are CPA’s or Accountants as well.

What’s an Enrolled Agent?

Simply, an Enrolled Agent is someone who has been awarded the right, or a privilege,  to represent a taxpayer in front of the IRS. The right came from the US Department of Treasury where each Enrolled Agent had to pass a test and agree to follow specific rules.

What’s the Fresh Start Initiative?

Many of you heard about or even saw a IRS Seizure, they were ugly. The IRS would back up to your house and take everything, put a lock on the door and their you were with nothing. What’s worse is that some Agents would sell your stuff at Auction for next to nothing and you still owed. Man the stories.

The IRS developed an alternate program called an Offer In Compromise (OIC) which cleverly had you seize your own stuff for a value greater than an Auction. They found out that the taxpayer would value their stuff and a much higher amount than the IRS would sell it for. Then the taxpayer would essentially have to buy their own stuff from the IRS. The net Value of your stuff and net Income would then be “the offer”.

I know it’s weird but with Seizures taxpayers would cry. With OIC’s the IRS still takes everything, almost, and your thrilled.

The OIC program worked so well after making some adjustments that they again modified it. Now it’s called The Fresh Start Initiative (FSI)

What’s different now?

The way that they calculate your net. They call it Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP). It’s a formula… Equity in Assets, plus Income, minus allowable expenses, times time.

To make it more complicated there are variables on each of the categories. It’s these variables that we Resolution Pros or at least me use to get the best resolution possible.

Why am I different than them?

I would agree that experience is a huge factor but not the best factor. In my opinion gamesmanship with the IRS is the biggest factor. The Agents and Officers at the IRS must follow very specific rules and for me I can use that to your advantage.

I think that GAMSMANSHIP is the factor makes one Tax Resolution Specialist better than the other.

Full Disclosure

I am an avid listener of Mark Levin and do not, in anyway, represent Optima Tax Relief or Mark Levin. Furthermore, I do not know anyone who works with either. This is my opinion from my research.

Please read my blog post about Tax Defense Partners advertised on Rush.

Thank you for reading.

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John E. Jones, EA is an Enrolled Agent enrolled by the US Department of Treasury and has been granted the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS. John's specialty is general tax debt resolution and more specifically representing extreme hardship cases and seniors with compliance and resolution.
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  1. Sandra Medina says:

    I have filed tax returns from 2003 through 2013. I have a statement for each year from IRS that shows the debt for that specific year, up to approx. $60,000. I can ask for payoff amounts anytime. I am unemployed, no assets, no money in bank. I am living with an aunt in Bakersfield. How can you help me with this and how much would you charge? I want to have an offer in compromise prepared, I qualify to submit. I need cost to prepare so that I can ask for financial help from my family to pay your fee.
    Thank you.

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